Our story

In a world where coffee lovers enjoy their familiar cup of coffee every day, it started to bother us. After the second or third cup the taste becomes a bit monotonous, doesn't it? But what if there was a way to break that monotony ?

Burni is the story of childhood friends who were enchanted by the country's rich culture and flavors during an inspiring trip to Mexico . That's where the idea arose to create something unique that would enrich the coffee experience, in a healthy way.

We didn't want to add a standard product to the coffee. No, we wanted to develop something adventurous and daring that would stimulate the senses. Thus Burni was born - a spicy, subtly spicy topping that adds an explosion of flavors to your trusted cup of coffee, without losing the authentic coffee taste.

With Burni, friends Lars & Michaël want to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and experiment . After many challenges and rejections, our idea is finally starting to bear fruit. This versatile topping pairs perfectly with a variety of lattes, chai teas, drinks and even cocktails, offering a totally new coffee or beverage experience.

Burni is more than just a topping; it is a healthy, low calorie , vegan product that will help you spice up your boring habits.

Curious about the difference? Let's experience your coffee adventure together with Burni !"